Summit Awards

Recognize the commitment of your Managers, Physicians, Nurses, Administrators, Service Excellence Council, and more. These awards are open to healthcare facilities participating in the Service Excellence Initiative™.

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Summit Award Recipients
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Summit Awards Planning Guide

A step-by-step guide in helping to make perfect nomination forms. Download, print, and review the guide. Summit Awards Planning Guide

Download this printable Poster "Call for Nominations" Poster

Online Nomination Forms

Individual Awards

1    Service Excellence Advisor 1st YearI1

2    Service Excellence AmbassadorI2

3    Exceptional NurseI3

4    Exceptional EmployeeI4

5    Empowering ManagerI5

6    Customer Focused Physician/ProviderI6

Team Awards

7    Service Excellence Advisor TeamT7

8    OASIS TeamT8

9    DO IT Improvement of the YearT9

Leadership Awards

10   Super CoachL10

11   Service Excellence Program DirectorL11

12   Service Excellence CouncilL14

13   Inspiring AdministratorL15

Organization Awards

14   Medical Clinic of ChoiceO17

15   Hospital Provider of ChoiceO19

A market leader for employee retention and patient satisfaction.
A medical clinic that embodies Service Excellence in the capacity of compassion and education.
An individual with energy, professionalism, and a commitment to improvement.
Dedicated, committed to the vision, ensuring exceptional teamwork with forward momentum.
A pillar in the organization, leads motivates, listens, communicates, and coaches.
Provides exceptional leadership, encouragement, and guidance.
Defining dissatisfiers, taking action, creating improvement.
An innovative group of leaders, working together, to effect improvement.
A team with positive attitude, who combine their frontline enthusiasm and skills for the betterment of all.
Professional and respectful, with compassion for those they serve.
A true leader who encourages individuals to achieve great results.
Provides exceptional service to both patients/customers and fellow employees.
Provides outstanding levels of compassion and quality care. Is supportive, a good listener and is always improving.
A role model with a positive attitude, who assists, motivates and guides SEA’s
A team leader and role model who encourages and supports others to improve.